Colorado River rafting trip

  Tonight we are going to be talking to you guys about the Colorado rafting guide that we do every single year. Yes,  The Colorado River is truly an amazing sight to see and we think that everybody needs to come here in the summer to experience the rafting that you can do on it. … [Read more…]

The Rocky Mountains in the summer

The Rocky Mountains are in awesome place to be in the summer because the views are amazing and the weather is amazing too. Colorado is one of the best states to vacation to or live in during the summer. It is an awesome state and there are so many activities to do especially in the … [Read more…]

How to ride a dirt bike

In today’s post we will be talking to you about how to ride a dirt bike. There’s certain technique to riding a dirtbike and we will go over that with you. How to ride a dirt bike 101  Step one is to learn how to ride a bicycle. You first have to know how to … [Read more…]

Turtleback adventures

Hello everybody and welcome to our new blog Turtleback adventures. We are a outdoor recreation group out in the Rocky Mountains here in Colorado that gives summer a TV guides. We also  have snowmobile Tours and dirt bike tours as well. On top of summer we do a lot in the winter.  Dirt bike tours … [Read more…]